Rice Dumpling Series

To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Lei Garden has introduced an array of Homeland Flavour rice dumplings stuffed with luxury ingredients and perfected through secret recipes.

  • Premium Rice Dumpling Gift Set

    This exquisitely packaged set includes a Chinese Ham Rice Dumpling, a Salted Pork Rice Dumpling with Conpoy, and a Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste, delivering a trio of mouth-watering flavours. 

  • Chinese Ham Rice Dumpling

    Sophisticatedly crafted from a secret recipe and with specialty fillings such as Chinese Ham, dried scallop and pork belly, this savoury dumpling offers a feast of flavours. 

  • Salted Pork Rice Dumpling with Conpoy

    Pamper your taste buds with an array of traditional fillings including seasoned pork belly, dried scallop, salted egg yolk and Thai glutinous rice.

  • Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste

    Made with specialty seasoning and ingredients including choice lotus seeds and glutinous rice, this gourmet favourite is a must-taste for the festival.