The Lei Garden Restaurant Group is often referred to as the Shaolin Temple of the catering field. Mr. S.K. Chan is also respectfully called the "Principal" by veterans in the field. What differentiates Lei Garden from its counterparts is its emphasis on inculcating the correct mind set before honing the practical skills.

Putting the Wellbeing of People as the Top Priority

Mr. S.K. Chan follows his father's motto of “setting noble goals, studying hard, being a good person and doing good deeds”. His unique management style is inspired through his studies of history and philosophy, combined with a formidable drive to success. The staff members of Lei Garden are taught to always place the wellbeing of other people above everything else. Taking operating a restaurant as example, it is crucial to ensure the food is fresh, the menu provides a balanced diet, and the pricing is reasonable – all factors conducive to customer wellbeing. Satisfied customers will in turn bring in more revenue. Helping others lead to helping oneself. The same principle applies also on a personal level. Bearing in mind the goal of helping others, one must maintain good health and acquire extensive knowledge and skills, before one would be able to help others and reap benefit. Thus, Mr. Chan often emphasizes on the corporate motto

To serve our patrons the most exquisite world class cuisine and to
champion our goal of bringing the most benefit to others and eventually
benefitting ourselves

This motto is widely shared by the local and overseas staff as well as the public.

Applying one’s Intellect & Meeting Physical Challenges

Applying one’s intellect means to conduct objective analysis, to tell right from wrong, to manage timing and priority with skill, to establish goals and continuously pursue knowledge as well as improvement. It is also crucial to have the right mind-set - attentive, mindful, attention-to-detail, responsible, formidable in the face of difficulty. The mind-set is to “achieve a peaceful mind through pushing one's physical limits”.

Embracing the Right Attitude to Life

Every Lei Garden staff is well conversant with the four pitfalls and four virtues in human nature as the personal mantra championed by Mr. Chan.

The four pitfalls that one has to watch out for and refrain from are selfishness, stupidity, laziness and pettiness. A selfish person puts people in harm's way for his own benefit. A stupid person seldom wants to improve or seek new knowledge. A petty person is narrow-minded, negative, vindictive and loath to criticism. Laziness is the root of all ills and a lazy person would only sit back and hope to enjoy the fruits of success.

The four virtues in life that lead to success are determination, confidence, humility and perseverance. Once the goal is set, one needs the determination to pursue without hesitation. Confidence is needed to overcome difficulties and strive for success in the face of setback. Humility means not only to accept but actively seek criticism in order to achieve the best result. Perseverance is to not give up regardless of whatever hardship one encounters.

Achieving Excellence through Innovation

To meet the expectations of customers and set market trends, the Lei Garden Group consistently pushes for innovation. Mr. Chan, his chefs and managers come together for tasting sessions every afternoon. The purpose is to maintain high standards and improve on the existing menu based on customer feedback, and more importantly each chef is required to create new recipes. Over the last 30 years, more than a thousand new recipes have been created. XO sauce, known to every household, was the pioneering creation of Lei Garden in 1981, while the extremely popular Chilled Mango Dessert with Grape Fruit and Sago was debuted at our Singapore Branch back in 1987. In recent years, Lei Garden has been taking gourmet recipes from all of China and the World and incorporating them into our traditional Cantonese menu. We are unquestionably one of the foremost pioneers in fusion Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we are also among the first to pioneer the one-stop concept, which involves purchasing directly from fishing harbours around the world. This ensures our chefs have the freshest top-quality ingredients to use in preparing our gourmet dishes.