Integrated Food Chain


“Farmorrow is an experimental farm established by Lei Garden Restaurant Group in Zhanjiang in 2010. Its name, formed from “farm” and “tomorrow”, suggests that the farm is dedicated to the future of the human race. The total area of the farm is 300 acres (approximately 200,000 sq. m.), and boasts an annual output of 10,000 high-quality pigs, 100,000 premium broilers and 300,000 eggs. Its facilities also include a sustainable organic growing area and an environmentally-sustainable farm that operates livestock breeding, organic farming – all ran on reusable energy.

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Food Processing Factory

Lei Garden Restaurant Group recognizes sustainable development in this business relies on a stable supply of quality of food ingredients. In 2004, Lei Garden Group opened its first food factory in Hung Hom which has served as a solid foundation for the Group’s developments for the past decade.

To facilitate future growth, Lei Garden Restaurant Group has invested over HK$ 300 million in establishing a large-scale food processing plant in Tai Po Industrial Estate. This processing plant is expecting to commence operations in 2015.

The factory has a total floor area of 8000 m². In addition to the preparation of semi-processed product, it has dedicated over to produce seasonal and packaged products. The cutting edge modern production line and cold storage area boost production efficiency and enhances hygiene standards.

Lei Garden Restaurant

Over the past 40 years, Lei Garden Restaurant has strived to position ourselves as a pioneer in Chinese restaurant fine dining. Upholding our belief of "Bringing the best to the most", Lei Garden Restaurant has aimed not only to provide the highest quality and the most scrumptious dishes to our customers, but also to introduce an element of health into our dishes. Ideally providing a quality experience as well as the healthy concept for every dining.

Lei Garden Restaurant operates 24 establishments across 9 cities in Asia. Apart from our current branches at first-tier cities on the Chinese Mainland, Lei Garden Restaurant will further explore opportunities in second-tier cities with a view to expanding our brand and bringing our concept of “benefiting the others” to a greater customer base.

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Lei Bistro

In year 2011, Lei Garden Restaurant debuted the new casual dining concept under brand named "Lei Bistro" at Time Square of Causeway Bay. A second branch was launched in early 2014 at V-City of Tuen Mun. Positioned to penetrate a broader customer range, Lei Bistro features an interior décor conceived by a world-renowned designer, and promises to bring customers a new experience.

Lei Bistro offers a wide array of dishes include the renowned Lei Garden soups, barbecued favorites and dim sums. Lei Bistro also represents a key element of our master plan, which entails complementing our quality services with the establishment of a processing plant in Tai Po in an effort to ensure freshness, hygiene, and “Lei Garden" quality. To promote the Lei concept on a global scale, the Group’s goal is a regional expansion of Lei Bistro brand first in Hong Kong then on the Chinese Mainland and overseas.

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Shop 1130-1143, L1, Yoho Mall I, 9 Long Yat Road, Yuen LongTel: (852) 2617 2622

Seasonal food product

Lei Garden Restaurant Group produces a broad range of traditional Chinese festival food products, including Chinese puddings, glutinous rice cakes and moon cakes. The group also produces the signature XO sauce, originally invented by Lei Garden, as well as other sauces that are highly popular among our supporters.

With the upcoming inauguration of the new Taipo factory, Lei Garden group will aim to develop more seasonal products and expand our sales network, with the goal of bringing our quality products to a wider customer base.

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Packaged foods

Besides engaging in the restaurant business, Lei Garden Restaurant Group has placed a high emphasis on developing other areas of food business. To serve the needs of different customers, Lei Garden Restaurant Group has focused specifically on packaged food products, one of the examples of which is our renowned double-boiled soups. The Group is actively researching new products including packaged dim sum, bread and soups, and would commence production once the Tai Po Factory is in full operation.

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